miroslav sasek this is the way to the moon book
miroslav sasek this is the way to the moon book

This is The Way to the Moon - City series by Miroslav Sasek

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écrits et illustrés par Miroslav Sasek

Like the other Sasek classics, these are facsimile editions of his original books. The brilliant, vibrant illustrations have been meticulously preserved, remaining true to his vision more than forty years later and, where applicable, facts have been updated for the twenty-first century, appearing on a "This is . . . Today" page at the back of each book. The stylish, charming illustrations, coupled with Sasek’s witty, playful narrative, make these books a perfect souvenir that will delight both children and their parents, many of whom will remember them from their own childhood. In This is the Way to the Moon, first published in 1963, Sasek rockets readers to Cape Canaveral—the space capital of the world, a science-fiction-turned-fact spot on the Florida coast—with a nostalgic look at the electronic brains that put our man up into space and brought him down again. Also included are the updated statistics about the lunar landing and a mini history of NASA’s space program.

Ces livres édités au cours des années '60 demeurent actuels et fascinants. Magnifiquement illustrés, partez à la découverte de Paris, Londres ou Venise, leurs bâtiments, leurs coutumes & leur atmosphère.  De plus, la dernière page détaille les changements qui se sont produits depuis la première parution de chaque livre.

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