the colorful world of dinosaurs matt sewell book
the colorful world of dinosaurs matt sewell book
the colorful world of dinosaurs matt sewell book
the colorful world of dinosaurs matt sewell book

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs

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Did you know that Argentinosaurus was as heavy as a herd of elephants?That Mosasaurus was three times the length of a great white shark? ThatMicroraptor was the size of a pigeon but with four wings? This magnificent bookimagines dinosaurs as they might well have been, based on recent findings---feathered, finned, and full of color. Gorgeous watercolors accompanysurprising, little-known, and fun-to-tell facts about dinosaur behavior, habits,and appearance, bringing these prehistoric creatures to life in a new way.This fascinating book will delight dinosaur fans, young and old.

Matt Sewell is a writer, artist, and illustrator whose books include OurGarden Birds, Our Woodland Birds, and A Charm of Goldfinches. He livesin Shrewsbury, England, where he is an avid ornithologist.

Details: Hardcover
Size: 9 X 11.8 IN
Pages: 96

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