Oh naughty me! Activity book Minus editions
Oh naughty me! Activity book Minus editions

Oh naughty me! - Activity book

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Say bad words, write on the walls, keep track of bad things your parents do and give them silly punishments... Here, anything goes! But be careful, it should not leave this book.

Printed in France using vegetable-based inks.


Minus éditions:

Minus was born with the desire to promote the exchange between children and adults. They offer playful and smart books and booklets that can be brought everywhere to enjoy moments of communication and exchange with our little blond heads (or brown!).

Consequently, their books are thought with a concern in mind: capture the attention of children to awaken their curiosity and hook the adult so he willingly gives his precious time! Whatever the subject, love, art, politics, you will always find in Minus an offbeat and funny way to discuss with your children, because with a dose of humor, everything passes more easily. So, at the doctor, at the restaurant, on the train, we do not go out our phones, we draw our Minus!

With Minus, we learn, we discuss, we play ... always with humor and especially without taboo!