We want to make as many people smile as possible, by creating glasses that are both affordable and kind to the planet, and that protect your eyes at every time in your life.

      We design glasses that put a smile on your face and can be used every day, for every part of life and every activity. However you use them, they all have a common goal: protecting your eyes. Discover our different ranges, all designed to ensure every moment is a happy experience.

      Maximum UV protection uncompromisingly coupled with unisex timeless design and optimum comfort.
      Sunglasses guaranteed to become your faithful allies.

      We work hard every day to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint, increase the durability of our products, look after our staff and support charitable initiatives.


      Le concept IZIPIZI Paris:

      IZIPIZI, c’est du bonheur ! Pour tous les goûts et les couleurs, des lunettes qui donnent le sourire. Classiques ou stylées, elles vont à tous les nez ! Pour la lecture et les écrans, pour le sun et pour le fun : easy pour vous, pour nous, pour tous, c’est IZIPIZI !

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