*A family business since 2014, we believe in the power of creativity, imagination, meaning and connection. An idea that still holds true!

      Waytoplay was born from a family passion that we dedicate to playing small cars in the sun, with our feet in the sand. Sybren, father, inventor and designer, created waytoplay in 2003 for his son Joep. The prototype became the unbreakable, waterproof circuit that everyone can enjoy today.

      No screens, no connections

      Play 100% offline. Waytoplay lets kids explore the power of their imagination. It's a real gift that lasts a lifetime.

      No rules or maps or patterns to follow. Simply imagine, create and play.

      * Letting your imagination lead the way is the way to build endless adventures. Way To Play toys are 100% designed for children, they are durable and adapt to all surfaces.

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