*Caribou is a Montreal design studio that creates and designs clothing, toys and various accessories for the whole family. Our designs are based on strong principles regarding eco-responsibility, fair trade, functionality and the longevity of all production. No detail is left to chance, from the design to the realization of our products. Caribou is above all a love of design, thoughtful and well-designed products.

      Our main mission is to offer quality essentials at affordable prices while taking into account the issues related to the production of our products. From the raw material and its impact on the environment to the health of our customers, small or large, through the quality of employment of the various actors involved.

      This translates into durable and safe products, made from responsible and renewable materials, local and fair jobs, and a host of other commitments to which we have been dedicated since the very beginning of the company.

      Caribou has been in existence for five years now, and it is with an ever-renewed passion that we succeed today in fulfilling these same commitments.

      Because it is essential to take part in the creation of a more responsible world for the generations to come!

      - The Caribou team

      About Caribou

      Caribou are toys, clothes and accessories created here, in Quebec. Designed with care and love, the Caribou range offers products with rounded designs in a palette of sober colors and durable materials.

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