Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller - English



Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller - English


Lunii allows children from 3-10 years old to experience an immersive audio universe through an innovative screenless device and original content.

We are living in a world increasingly dominated
by screen time. Lunii arose out of our desire to awaken the childlike wonder and imagination in all our hearts.

Children choose different elements to make up their own stories and listen to them straight away!

• Kids choose the hero, setting, second character and object of their story
• 48 audio stories written by professional authors
• 6 Good Night Stories for free on the Luniistore and many more to download in 8 different languages
• 3 to 7 minutes per story
• Device powered by internal battery, rechargeable via Micro USB

Creates family moments

Develops vocabulary

Develops imagination

A new way to learn

Keeps children away from screens

8 languages (on the Luniistore)

Best travel companion ever

The magical listening experience becomes part of the daily family life. This little box keeps kids entertained in a smart, screen-free way, making it the perfect travel companion for long journeys!

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